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  • Chumsun Atelocollagen Lyophilized Powder 100mg #5A11
Chumsun Atelocollagen Lyophilized Powder 100mg #5A11

Chumsun Atelocollagen Lyophilized Powder 100mg #5A11

  Product Identifiers

Product Name:  Chumsun Atelocollagen Lyophilized Powder 100mg #5A11

Catalog No. : CS-Lyophilized #5A11

Brand Name:  Chumsun Collagen

CAS NO.:   9007-34-5


Derived from SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) Bovine hide to eliminate risk of BSE (mad cow disease)


High purity standard of near 99% collagen content SDS-PAGE


With Intact Triple-helical structure which allows wide variety of applications due to its bioactive functionality.

Medical biomaterials: Hemostatic materials, Drug Carriers, Wound dressings, Sponges, Repair materials, Human Industrial tissues / Organs, etc

Functional skin care products: Skin barrier repair, Moisturizing, whitening, etc

Functional health products: adjuvant treatment of arthritis, collagen supplement

Injection filling material: used for facial contour correction, wrinkles and scars repair and other aethetics medical beauty.



Sterilization Method Irradiation Sterilization
Extraction Method  Enzyme - Atelocollagen
Form Lyophilized Atelocollagen
Package Size 100mg
Storage Temperature 20°C before re-dissolution and 2-10°C  after re-dissolution
Shelf Life: After Re-dissolution  3 months 
Purity-SDS PAGE Electrophoresis- Silver Staining  >97%
Structural Characterization SDS-PAGE 
Total heavy metals <10ug/g
Source Bovine Achilles tendon
Sterility No growth

                                                                                            COLLAGEN FAMILY                                                          


 To Know More

This product mainly contains Type I Active Collagen, Active collagen has biological activity, its molecular weight greater than 300kd, can promote cell proliferation, differentiation and migration, and is used for repair and hemostasis.    

Chumsun collagen uses the enzyme extraction method to selectively cut the peptide bond and remove the non-helical region through a specific enzyme, so that the collagen in the regular helical region can be dissolved in the solution, so as to obtain collagen with high purity and complete triple helix structure.  It has the advantages of stable physical and chemical properties and short reaction time, and is suitable for the development of high value-added products.  

Collagen has the characteristics of high tensile strength, biodegradability, low antigenic activity, low irritation, low cytotoxicity, promoting cell growth, promoting cell adhesion and cooperating with newborn cells and tissues to repair wounds when used as artificial organ skeleton or wound dressing, which makes collagen a biomedical material with a wide range of applications. At present, collagen has been used in dressings Artificial organ regeneration medicine, tissue engineering, biological skin care and other fields.

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