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Efficacy and function of medical active collagen

 Medical active collagen refers to the collagen that completely retains the triple helix active structure by using a unique process in the extraction process. Medical active collagen retains the original function of collagen to the greatest extent. It has the effect that hydrolyzing collagen, alum and other hydrolysates don't have.

1. Repair Damaged Skin Barrier
As the most abundant functional collagen in human skin, collagen is responsible for storing most of the moisture in the skin and maintaining skin elasticity. When the skin is damaged due to pore blockage, ultraviolet radiation and other reasons, the collagen in the deep layer of the skin will also be damaged to varying degrees. At this time, medical active collagen can enter the deep layer of the skin through the damaged skin, timely supplement the lost collagen, promote the self regeneration of the skin's own collagen, supplement the skin collagen both from the inside and outside, repair the skin's wall structure and restore the skin's health barrier.

2. Soothe Sensitive Skin
The skin is sensitive. The most common manifestation is the thin cuticle and low skin tolerance. The passive soothing and sensitive solution is to try to use pure natural and non-irritating skin care products to reduce the chance of skin contacting allergens. The active soothing and sensitive solution is to repair the cuticle of the skin and improve the skin's tolerance.
Medical active collagen, as a natural skin friendly component, has very low sensitization and rarely causes skin allergic reaction. It has been widely used as a hemostatic component for surgery and applied directly to damaged skin. Secondly, medical active collagen can repair the cuticle of sensitive skin, enhance the tolerance of sensitive skin, form an oxygen permeable protective film and resist the invasion of external allergens.

3. Deep Moisturizing
Medical active collagen perfectly retains the triple helix active structure of collagen. Compared with the single chain structure of hydrolyzed collagen, the stored water is up to 9 times. It can not only instantly supplement all the water required on the skin surface, but also gradually improve the water storage collagen white layer in the deep layer of the skin, improve the skin's own moisturizing ability and achieve the effect of lasting moisturizing.
Chumsun medical active collagen has successfully reached a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with more than 50 large-scale production factories in China, and sincerely recruit agents and distributors from worldwide. 

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