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Functions of Collagen

 The role of collagen, in addition to beauty, there are these functions

When we praise a person's good skin, we always say such a sentence "The face is full of collagen". Indeed, collagen is very popular with female friends, because collagen can make women's skin more elastic and shiny, and look like baby's skin.
Many people's cognition of collagen only stays in the role of beauty. In fact, collagen has some other functions and effects. Today I'll take you to know about it.

First, Replenish Water and Moisturize
Hydrating is the best nourishment for the skin, especially in the dry season. Collagen contains natural moisturizing factors to help the skin replenish water, lock water at all times, and make the skin look elastic, tender and shiny.

Second, Tighten the Skin
For elderly women, the problem of skin relaxation is very serious. If you want to improve the problem, you can use products containing collagen. After the skin absorbs collagen, it will increase a certain degree of precision on the surface of the skin, narrow pores and tighten the skin.

Third, Prevent and Remove Wrinkles
With age, the skin surface will become wrinkled.  At this time, collagen can be used to improve wrinkles. Collagen can go deep into the bottom layer of the skin, improve the problem of wrinkles from the root, and make the skin look smoother.

Fourth, Repair and Regeneration
Collagen can not only protect and promote the skin surface, but also regenerate the wound. Therefore, supplementing collagen can effectively promote wound healing. Collagen of Chongshan biology.

Fifth, Nourish Hair
Because of the high work pressure, more and more people have hair loss and other problems. At this time, collagen can be used to nourish the hair. Collagen nutrition scalp can inject a lot of nutrition into the hair follicle to help the hair become soft and no longer dry and yellow. The collagen raw material of Chumsun Biology is used to produce all kinds of shampoo and hair care products containing collagen, nourish the scalp and hair in an all-round way, and make the scalp and hair healthy and beautiful. When the scalp is young, the face is young.

Sixth, Improve Bone Marrow Health
Collagen also plays a positive role in human bones. It is the main material of bone framework.  After the human body absorbs collagen, it can enhance the toughness and elasticity of bones and prevent osteoporosis. The collagen solution of Chumsun Biology can be used as health products and food additives to produce all kinds of functional products.

Seventh, Oxidation Resistance
When collagen enters the skin, it can remove free radicals in the body, carry out anti-oxidation in multiple ways, and repair the broken and aging elastic fiber network, so as to help the skin become delicate and smooth, and slow down the speed of skin aging.

It can be seen that collagen has many effects and functions. People can properly use collagen in their daily life. They can maximize the role of collagen through oral or external use, act on the human body or skin, help the human body become more dynamic and help the skin become delicate and shiny. Chumsun Biology has provided collagen raw materials for major skin care manufacturers to produce all kinds of moisturizing skin care products, firming and wrinkle removing skin care products and skin repair products. The company has successfully developed and mass produced all kinds of high-end skin care products, which are mainly sold to medical and aesthetic beauty salons in China, and also accept OEM/ODM service. Partners and Distributors from worldwide are warmly welcomed!

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