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  • Chumsun Collagen Implant Asepesis Gel
Chumsun Collagen Implant Asepesis Gel

Chumsun Collagen Implant Asepesis Gel

 Chumsun Collagen Implant Asepesis Gel

Colfill #5A22

Derived from SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) Bovine hide to eliminate risk of BSE (mad cow disease)

High purity standard of near 99% collagen content SDS-PAGE

Product performance, Structure and Composition
The medical collagen implant is composed of type I collagen extracted and purified from bovine Achilles tendon and Phosphat-buffered physiological saline, which is filled in the pre-encapsulated syringe. The product is sterile, disposable and sterilized by filtration.

The purified type I collagen was evenly dispersed in phosphate-buffered physiological saline, and the concentration of type I collagen was 35mg / ml.

It is used to inject into the dermis and / or subcutaneous tissue to fill, increase the volume of facial tissue, remove wrinkles and dull skin.

Product performance
Collagen molecules can be recombined under simulated physiological conditions to form collagen fibers, which are three-dimensional network structure, have the ability of anti protease degradation, and the filling effect is more lasting.
2 after implantation, this product can stimulate the regeneration of its own fibroblasts, produce more collagen molecules and make the skin fuller and more elastic.
3. This product is an absorbable and degradable biomaterial. After implantation, it is gradually decomposed by proteases in the body, and the degradation products can become raw materials for collagen synthesis.

1. 27g injection needle was injected into the dermis to fill the sunken part of the skin. After injection, the collagen fibers will sink and the skin will swell, making the skin surface smooth and increasing the volume of facial tissue.
2. The main component of this product is type I collagen fiber, which has low allergy. After implantation, it has moderate resistance to protease and will not be decomposed and disappear immediately. After implantation, combined with skin tissue, it can stay at the implantation site for continuous repair effect.
3. Implanted collagen will also be gradually enzymatically hydrolyzed by collagenase in the body, rather than permanently stay at the implantation site. It will stay at the implantation site for about 6 ~ 12 months, which varies slightly according to the injection site and method.

Each box contains 2 injection syringes and 27g needles, and the injection needle contains 0.5ml/piece / Or 1.0ml/piece of collagen.   Other specifications are available.

Store in a ventilated and dry place at 2 ºC ~ 8 ºC. Do not freeze.
Term of validity:    Two years
Date of Manufacture: See the product packaging for details.

Learn more
In terms of collagen content, collagen accounts for about 70% of skin components and is the most abundant protein in the human body. It spreads all over the major organs of the human body (bone, cartilage, skin, tendon, toughness, etc.) and mainly plays a supporting role for the skin. It supports the skin like an "elastic net" like a support, which is suitable for aging, sagging and damaged skin.
Chumsun type I collagen has a complete triple helix structure. It is a collagen raw material with high biocompatibility and low immunogenicity successfully developed by using patented purification technology. It can be completely absorbed and degraded by skin tissue and fused between cells. It has high safety and is widely used in various fields. In addition, because of its weak antigenicity and good biocompatibility, collagen is also widely used in medical and health fields such as burns, trauma, corneal diseases, beauty, orthopedics, hard tissue repair, wound hemostasis and so on.
Collagen can promote the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts, improve cell activity, and be absorbed by fibroblasts as raw materials for collagen synthesis, stimulate cells to synthesize more collagen, fill and repair damaged and aging skin, reconstruct network structure, strengthen the expansion of damaged skin, and make epidermal cells plump, so as to make skin moist, smooth and healthy,  moisturize and restore skin elasticity.

With the growth of age, the collagen in the skin also decreases, and facial injection of collagen is particularly important.
Filling and shaping: the increase of nasal bridge and the transformation of nasal shape, the augmentation of chin, lips, earlobes and temples all play a significant role. Create exquisite three-dimensional young facial features and enhance facial contour.
Facial wrinkle removal: instantly repair, promote collagen regeneration, remove dark circles, remove wrinkles and improve dull skin.
Facial firming and lifting: after filling, the skin is fair and smooth, the effect is natural and full, and the skin can immediately achieve the effects of anti-aging repair, muscle calming and desensitization, scar removing and acne removing, moisturizing and brightening the skin.

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