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SelfMedical®7D08      34x14cm



Product Features


It is used for postoperative adjuvant treatment and pressure bandage of various surgical incisions to achieve adjuvant treatment effects such as eliminating lacunar, temporary hemostasis (non-arterial hemostasis), protecting surgical incision and preventing incision xenon.



What is Pressure Bandage?

A pressure bandage is a bandage used to compress a wound to prevent excessive blood loss. Ideally, the bandage can stop or slow the bleeding and make the blood coagulate normally. This kind of bandage is usually used in situations where first aid is needed to maintain health, even a person's life before the help of professionals comes. Pressure bandages are usually placed on gauze, which absorbs blood and applies further pressure to the wound. These bandages are particularly useful when one of a person's limbs is injured, because bandages can easily be wrapped around the limbs. Pressure bandages are used to avoid a sharp drop in blood pressure or volume. The pressure bandage can be applied to various types of wounds that cause bleeding to stop bleeding and protect the wound until the wound can be cleaned correctly.



Application of medical pressure bandage

  • Fixed dressing, splint and other first-aid supplies
  • Stop bleeding and reduce bleeding
  • Reduce wound swelling
  • Supporting and fixing the injury (sternum fixation, rib fracture fixation)
  • Ensure the safety of the injured during transportation
  • It is suitable for the treatment of varicose veins after operation



Advantages of Chumsun Medical Pressure Bandage

  • It is easy to operate and belongs to an adhesive elastic bandage. After tearing off the tape strip, it can be attached to the skin. It can also well adjust the tightness and grasp the nursing position;
  • It can help change dressing and check the wound, and the operation is more convenient. Whether for patients or medical staff, it can well reduce the burden of dressing change and devote more energy to nursing;
  • Pressure bandage is equipped with drainage control, which has better nursing and pressure fixation for special patients, can better protect the surgical incision and meet the clinical demand for pressure bandage bandage.



Agency advantages of Chumsun medical pressure bandage

  • Patented product with patent number;
  • The specifications are diversified, including large, medium, small and children, which can meet the needs of different wounds;
  • The product can play an auxiliary role in compression therapy;
  •  It can be used for all kinds of open wounds;
  • Class I medical device products;
  • Provide private customization;
  • The product is easy to use and fast to use;
  • Good market prospect;
  • Special support from the manufacturer.





Do not reuse the product

  • If wounds become clinically infected while using the product, please stop its use and seek appropriate treatment.
  • If you develop skin lesions (e.g. rashes, flares or itching) while using the product, please stop its use and seek appropriate treatment.
  • Always take the other hard objects out before attaching the product to avoid damage to the skin or the blood vessels.
  • Please note that prolonged use of the pressurizing tapes will create excessive tension causing stress on the skin.
  • We suggest you remove the product in approx. 2 hours to avoid stress on the skin.
  • Make sure the bleeding has stopped after removing the bandage. If the pressurizing is not enough, please apply appropriate methods such as pressure hemostasis with your hands.
  • If the product gets wet or tainted, please remove it and apply a fresh bangdage immediately.
  • If the product package is defaced, broken or wet, please avoid using it.
  • The product should be used immediately after the seal is broken.
  • Remove the bandage slowly and gently to prevent skin injuries upon removal.
  • For hypertension patients above 150, please use bandage together with gelatin pad to stop bleeding or pressure the pad with hands for above 3 Mins .
  • For big blood patients, please use bandage together with gelatin pad to stop bleeding .





 Store in a shaded area at room temperature, away from water, high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.

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